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Living in the Tel Aviv of Tomorrow

The Tel Aviv of tomorrow is a sustainable and dynamic city, allowing free movement across its length and breadth, inside and out. This city serves as a home for the world’s leading technology companies, serving as a hub of complexes combining residential areas with business, commerce, culture, community, and leisure, like all of the world’s greatest city centers. A city in a state of constant renewal and growth, while still preserving its architectural heritage and spirit since its very foundation – a spirit of youth, progress, creativity, and daring. Even today, the complex area enjoys maximum accessibility thanks to its proximity to HaShalom Train Station, as well as a broad variety of bus stations and share taxis with destinations across Israel, in addition to quick access to the Ayalon Highway and the routes leading to roads 4 and 6 by private vehicles.

The future begins here | Connecting the sides

Accessible city

In the next few years, the city means to keep its significant development, as this revolution takes shape right before our eyes: New bridges and passageways are being built, the route of the light rail train is in full progress, the exits into Ayalon Highways are getting revolutionary upgrades, and the new city transportation center, Tel Aviv 2000, is currently being built in the Savidor Train Station area. 

The light rail train route

The Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area is currently working on the foundations of a mass transit system, including four new light rail train lines, and three BRT lines. The new train will operate on electricity, reducing noise and air pollution, and improving the city residents’ quality of life. The lines’ operation will significantly improve the availability of public transport around the city’s arteries. The plan’s first line is meant to serve as the “spine” of the city’s transit system. It will connect between the Metropolitan’s busiest areas, including Petach Tikvah, Bney Brak, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, and Bat Yam. The entire area will be massively developed, including the addition of open green areas, connecting between the neighborhood and the rest of the city through a single line of parks and public pathways, stations along the route of the light train’s purple line, and building new bridges into the city center.

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