The Project’s Entrepreneurs

The force behind one of the most well-known and high profile projects in Tel Aviv’s new residential area is comprised of some of the real estate world’s leading, stable, and experienced firms, all with a reputation for transparency and reliability, alongside excellence and high quality in construction and services. The project is accompanied by Israel’s leading professionals, from architects to legal consultants.

Blue Square Real Estate

Blue Square Real Estate is a public company engaged with development and entrepreneurship of real estate complexes, as well as the leasing and management of yield bearing assets in Israel. The Company has a rich experience in managing the construction of large-scale projects, and owns additional rights in dozens of complexes for prospective development. Among other projects, the Company has acted as entrepreneur, founder and operator of the Tel Aviv wholesale market – one of Israel’s biggest entrepreneurship projects, including the TLV mall, a residential neighborhood with some 780 housing units, a school, kindergartens, a sport center, and a public park. The Company has decades of accumulated experience in the development and betterment of real property. The Company specializes in entrepreneurship, planning and facilitation of retail commerce complexes, logistical complexes, and employment complexes, alongside the management, betterment, and marketing of real property. Throughout the years, the Company’s diligent selection of entrepreneurship projects, alongside its performance ability and professional management, have served to establish its excellent reputation. Alongside these, the Company is characterized by financial strength based on a stable cash flow and low leveraging.

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Sufrin Group

Sufrin Group engages with entrepreneurship, development, and engineering management of real estate projects in the residential, office, commerce, and logistical fields. The Group is headed by Kalman Sufrin, who has an experience of over 50 years in the entrepreneurship, planning, and construction of dozens of impressive projects in Israel and around the world. Today, Sufrin Group is considered one of the most reliable and professional groups in Israel, and is well-known for its excellent and personal treatment of buyers in its various projects.

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Weiss Group

Weiss Group, owned by Rony and Yoel Weiss, was established in 1991, and is considered one of the strongest entrepreneurship and management groups in Israel. The Company is active in 4 core fields: Green energy, tire import, retail, and real estate. The Group’s real estate division works in 4 main branches: Organization and management of real estate syndications, yield bearing assets in high-demand areas, real estate entrepreneurship in Israel’s central region, and the establishment of projects in the field of urban renewal.

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GF Real Estate

GF Real Estate Group was established by Eyal Friedman, a well-known and reputable entrepreneur, with a professional experience of 18 years. The Group specializes in entrepreneurship and marketing of large-scale projects for residence, logistics, and real estate purposes. The Company has a professional team with great experience in the establishment and leading of residential projects in a scope of thousands of residential units, in Israel and around the world, as well as experience in entrepreneurship and establishment of logistical centers, commercial centers, and parking lots in a scope of thousands of m2.

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Bulthaup Investments

Bulthaup Investments – Bulthaup Group was established in 1994 by entrepreneur Ran Presberg. The group specializes in the management and marketing of residential and office projects, as well as the management of self-owned yield bearing assets. In addition, the Group engages in the representation of luxury brands in Israel’s high end residential market. Bulthap Group has acquired an excellent reputation as a partner for entrepreneurship, marketing, and sales of high end projects, and the management of real estate syndications, in which it successfully integrates its various products as part of the entrepreneurship and marketing process.

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